email to anyone

TO: SUBJECT: Dear Anyone, I hate myself for sending this email, but I don't know where to go. I don’t want to burden my family, my friends have their own struggles, professionals are know-it-alls and yeah... maybe I just need to vent like a dumb 5 year old to a random stranger hoping that … Continue reading email to anyone

The kind of poem I’d write

Last year my English lecturer decided to trick us into opening up about ourselves more by asking us to write a piece titled "If My Life Were A Poem". Fortunately, I'm very stubborn and so even though it's nearly impossible to reveal very little with such a topic, I think I did a good job, … Continue reading The kind of poem I’d write


it is strange how each step makes the journey longer as though I am walking back to the starting line. I am not. I see the finish line. I take long strides and I wear my short legs out. My lungs begin to burn, my record-holding heart works faster, my small eyes focus. I see … Continue reading 2019/02